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Tutoring/ Coaching Hybrid

Is your child struggling with reading and spelling?

Do you think, or know, that it's dyslexia?

End the struggle....

WITHOUT endless and expensive tutoring sessions



WITH connection and relationship-building with your child!

Gain Connection and Confidence

for both you and your child!

When I started Decoding Learning Differences, it was to help dispell the mystery around learning challenges.  I wanted parents to feel empowered in helping their own children, in an affordable and effective way.

Kids with dyslexia need intensive, specific, tailor, and consistent intervention to overcome their reading and spelling struggles and find success.

Learn to provided the intensive intervention that your child needs to overcome their dyslexia challenges with lessons you can provide in as little as 5-10 minute increments as you go about your normal day!


  • making sandwiches for lunch,
  • walking the dog,
  • cleaning the bathroom,
  • folding the laundry

together, your child can practice important skills that will make all the difference in overcoming their dyslexia challenges.

Save TIME and MONEY!

Traditional tutoring options may not be as great as you think....

Standard reading tutors often lack the specialized knowledge and resources that children with dyslexia need.  Tutoring sessions with the wrong tutor can lead a child to feel even worse about themselves, thinking, "if I still can't get this, there must be something wrong with me!" (and worse)

Specially-trained tutors, on the other hand, can be phenomenal, but they are also expensive and the number of sessions seem to be never-ending. 

Those tutoring sessions are also traditionally 30 - 60 minutes in length and most kids aren't benefitting after 10 - 15 minutes (or less). 

Working on skills that are REALLY hard for their brains means that kids with dyslexia can only handle short amounts of practice before they literally don't have the ability to learn any more right then.

These same kids can make progress much faster if the interventions are integrated throughout their day in short bursts.

Tutors can't easily provide this, but YOU can!

Watch me teach your child in short 10-minute sessions, followed by a coaching call where you learn some of the details in how to start implementing the lessons yourself.

Between sessions, you'll provide daily practice to your child and video yourself at least once.  You'll send me the video so that I can provide further guidance.




And then I'll set you free!

sort of

To be sure that you are fully sucessful, we'll continue with monthly check-ins for a year!

The details:

All sessions will be held virtually (using Zoom, unless something changes).

We'll start with an intake video call to be sure you understand what to expect, to be sure video and audio are working, and to lay the conceptual foundation.

The next four sessions will be one time per week for the next four weeks, to ensure good momentum.  In each session, we'll start with me working directly with your child.  I'll then talk through what I was doing, why I was doing it, and how you can continue to practice the same skills with your child for the coming week.

Over the next week, you will provide short lessons to your child, at least once per day, but preferably 2-3 times per day.  You will record one session and send it to me for review and feedback.

After four of these sessions, we will have check-in calls once per month to:

  • monitor progress
  • answer questions that arise
  • give feedback on ways to improve
  • provide next steps

Materials/lessons needed will be provided by me and individualized based upon your child. 
You will not need to make any additional purchases to be successful!

You might be wondering...

Can short sessions really be effective?

Yes!!  Practicing skills that a child struggles with requires a great deal of mental energy for them.  After 10 minutes, many children are unable to continue to benefit from practicing these skills. Their brains just can not continue to focus or benefit.

But 2 or 3 short sessions sprinkled throughout their day allows them to keep practicing with a refreshed mind, meaning they learn more, faster!

How much time commitment is involved?

For best results, you need to be able to commit to meeting weekly for about 30 minutes, and practicing skills with your child daily for several 5-10 minute sessions (which can usually be done while doing other things!)

What skills are taught in the sessions?

Most children with dyslexia need explicit instruction in phonemic awareness skills.  However, different children need different levels of this so the exact content will vary.  There are also numerous other skills that your child may need to work on.  Each program is tailored to YOUR child!

What is the cost?

only $1897


For a limited time, you can use the promo code: LAUNCH15 for 15% off!  

Dyslexia tutors often cost $50 - $300 per session of 30 - 60 minutes.  Those sessions are usually weekly or twice/week.  This needs to go on for months, or even years for a child to overcome their struggles.  This means you would spend thousands of dollars by the time your child no longer "needed" the tutor.

There are many great dyslexia programs available for parents to use with their children on their own.  I also walk you through how to begin to work with your child completely free in my podcast episode: "Phonemic Awareness and Dyslexia" ( Season 2, episode 5; January 31, 2022).

I am all about helping parents in whatever way is most accessible to them.  If you need a little help and guidance to know that you are teaching your child in the most effective way possible, then this is the program for you!

Have more questions?

Let's chat! Email me at Kimberlynn@DecodingLearningDifferences.com or book a call below!