"How to Use Chores to Teach Math" Guide walk-thru
The video below was done first and explains the reasoning and gives more examples on how to use chores to teach math.  The video above explains the guide and gives a more specific and detailed example.

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Using Chores to Teach!

A mindset shift for this week: 

Homeschool and education in general, are not a time of the day. 

Even if your children are in public school or another structured schooling program, education does not have a start and stop time. 

We are all learning all of the time.  


We need to use our everyday tasks to offer our children more opportunities to work on struggling skills rather than seeing it as something completely separate from our everyday tasks, chores, and activities.


For example, sorting socks can be used to teach these math skills:

  • Counting

  • Comparing

  • Matching

  • Identifying attributes

  • Addition

  • Repeated addition

  • Multiplication

  • Division

  • Subtraction

  • Fraction: identification, addition, subtraction, multiplication

  • Place value

  • measurement 

  • (AND MORE!)


Sorting socks can also be used to teach these language skills (which ALSO translates to writing skills and did you know there are speaking standards?):

  • Participate effectively in conversations

  • Integrate and evaluate information

  • Evaluate another person’s point of view

  • Present information, findings, and supporting evidence

  • Adapt speech to a variety of contexts and communicative tasks


Our children desperately need us to stop focusing on the curriculum and start recognizing all of the learning opportunities that exist in our day to day lives.


Less worksheets and workbooks, more chores!

Less worksheets and workbooks, more living!

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