Math: Adding Large Numbers

What do building a house and teaching math have in common?

Start with Concrete!

A few weeks ago we talked about teaching your child simple counting, addition, and subtraction.  This week we’re back to math, but now we’re diving into teaching your child more complex (larger number) addition.


(If you didn’t watch that video, click here to see it because some of those concepts are important no matter the age of your child!)


Whenever we are teaching math, we need to always remember the process: concrete, pictorial, abstract.


When we get into really large numbers, that doesn’t change!


In this video we’ll see:

  • Concrete examples of large numbers

  • Pictorial examples

  • Abstract examples

  • How to bridge between concrete and pictorial

  • How to bridge between concrete and abstract

  • How to bridge between pictorial and abstract



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