Writing: Graphic Organizers

This week we’re diving into a writing tool that is a bit more old-fashioned (although there are some high tech versions) than what we talked about a few weeks ago.


This week’s video is about teaching kids to use graphic organizers to support their writing.


Most kids have no problem thinking, but it doesn’t always translate well to writing.  Graphic organizers are designed to help with that!


If your kid is one of the MANY kids who is struggling to stay on topic when writing, and struggling to include all of the important elements in the right order, pay attention!

Graphic Organizers are designed to solve these problems. 

They help a child (or adult!) think through what they are wanting to say and lay it out in a plan of what to write that makes the most sense for that piece of writing.


For example, if I was trying to tell you how to bake a cake and I started with, “You have to mix it all together and then put it in the oven” You. Would. Be. Confused!


Graphic Organizers help a kid to get out all of their thoughts in whatever order they occur, and put them in spots to then deal with later, but kids do this wrong ALL THE TIME!


And to be honest, not all kids really benefit from using one.  


Watch this week’s video to see:

  • how to help your child use a graphic organizer

  • ways that your child can use a graphic organizer

  • when not to bother with a graphic organizer


I genuinely hope that this takes some of the hair-pulling out of working on writing with your sweet kiddo!


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