Gain confidence and clarity on your homeschooling journey through a customized plan for your family…

(without the doubt, overwhelm, confusion, and frustration!)

For far less than the cost of a private tutor, you can be fully confident and competent in how to educate your child yourself, your way. 


You’ll learn HOW to get past learning struggles, make learning enjoyable, and love the learning process alongside your child.



It’s the weight in your chest, the queasy feeling in your gut, and the endless questions you are asking yourself, right?


Things like:


Am I doing enough?


Is my kid better off in public school?


Should I hire a tutor?


Maybe if I just find the right curriculum….


Is this struggle they’re having normal?


Should I be doing something more?  Something different?



It’s the sleepless nights, the exhaustion, the confusion, the constant asking of questions on Facebook, the endless searches on Google.


How do I do this?


Which curriculum do I choose?


Am I doing this right?


What else do I need to know?


What else do I need to be doing to help my child?



 It’s the wanting to pull your hair out, the serious consideration of sending your kid to public school, the seemingly slow or nonexistent pace of progress, the pushback from your kid with a defiant “no”, or a heartbreaking cry that they “can’t.”

I get it! 

We all just want what is best for our kiddos. 

We all want to do “the right thing.”

But may I remind you of something that I’m pretty sure you already know?  

There is no single “right” choice for our kids.  


We can make the best of any situation and some will certainly work out better than others.

Other choices will be as inconsequential as whether you order the eggplant parmesan with red sauce or with white sauce.  There will be a difference and maybe even a preference, but no real “wrong” choice (unless you have an allergy, of course!).  


Most of the time, curriculum choices fall into this category.  Believe it or not, the thing that most new and overwhelmed homeschoolers agonize over the most barely makes a difference.

But your “success” in homeschooling will not depend on whether or not you selected the “right” curriculum. 

Your success will depend on how YOU are presenting YOURSELF each day.  

Are you:

  • guiding your child’s education with confidence and clarity?  
  • leading with peace and with joy?

  • intentional in the choices you make each day, week, month, and year?  

  • mindful of how you spend your precious time?

Now, I happen to find shopping for almost anything to be fun.  BUT- spending all of our time curriculum shopping isn’t the best use of our time when we’re feeling overwhelmed.  Neither is spending hours asking questions or reading curriculum reviews.


That’s not to say that there isn’t hard work to be done!


You need to know how to show up each day, confident that you are doing exactly what needs to be done for your child on that day and at that moment.


And while that may sound overwhelming, it can actually be completely liberating!

But HOW do you find that confidence?

By following the lead of an expert who's been where you are, found success, and helped hundreds of children find educational success and a love of learning!

It all happens inside my 12-week program Homeschool Hero where you'll get individualized support and end the overwhelm, confusion, frustration, and doubt!

At the end of our 12 weeks together, you will:

  • have a clear understanding of who your child is as a learner
  • know what your child’s strengths and needs are 
  • recognize the best way to structure your specific homeschool life
  • learn answers to your specific homeschool questions  
  • be able to approach each day, each week, each month, and each school year with clarity and with confidence!


No two families will be the same!  There is nothing cookie-cutter about this program.

I’m Kimberlynn Lavelle.  I’m a mother of two, a teacher of hundreds, and your guide to successfully educating your child intentionally, peacefully, and with joy!


I help parents of struggling learners boost their child’s strengths and overcome their challenges so that their child can thrive.


I am an Education Specialist who has taught hundreds of learners with various disabilities, consulted with teachers and parents, and won numerous awards for my work.


I have now expanded my reach to supporting families who already have or who want to take on an active role in their child’s education.

What is Homeschool Hero?  


Homeschool Hero is a 12-week program with live calls, check-ins, and questions answered, all to end your overwhelm and confusion and boost your confidence, your clarity, and your joy in homeschooling.

There are two Homeschool Hero options!

Small Group Homeschool Hero!

We will meet every other Saturday at 9 am PST/12pm EST. The group will be kept small enough to get individualized support and questions answered.

The dates for the live calls in the next cohort will be:
November 6, 20
December 4, 18
January 8, 22

1:1 Homeschool Hero!

Individual, one-on-one sessions can be scheduled at your convenience.  

All time will be spent working on your specific situation.

Subject to Availability 

What will you find inside Homeschool Hero?

Two Options! 
Both designed to give you success!

Small Group Homeschool Hero:
  • Intake form completed by you and reviewed by me prior to:
  • 6 live calls: 9am - 10 am PST on Saturdays
  • Access to our private group, where you will get personalized help from other parents and from myself
  • Recordings of all calls
1:1 Homeschool Hero:
  • Intake form completed by you and reviewed by me prior to:
  • One 90 minute intake video call, ending with an initial plan of action specific to you and your family
  • Five 60 minute video calls, each evaluating the current plan of action, making adjustments, tackling any new problems, and ending with a set of actions
  • Six follow-up documents summarizing what was discussed, including an individualized checklist of what needs to be worked on/done
  • Six check-ins via your preferred contact method (phone, text, or email) to see how things are going and answer any immediate questions
  • Six additional quick questions available to be asked by you at any time across the 12 weeks
  • Up to 6 additional Videos and documents created by me specifically for you to give quick trainings or information beneficial to you and relevant to what you are working on and questions you have asked

Choose the journey that is right for you!

Topics covered during the group sessions:
  • Setting up an ideal learning environment for your specific child
  • Capitalizing on your child's strengths
  • Capitalizing on your child's interests
  • Engaging your child's interests
  • Determining and using your child's learning preferences
  • Specific learning challenges!
  • Getting engagement and buy-in/ participation from your child
  • MORE!!
Topics covered during the individual sessions will be dependent on your specific areas of need, but may include:
  • Setting up an ideal learning environment for your specific child
  • Capitalizing on your child's strengths
  • Capitalizing on your child's interests
  • Engaging your child's interests
  • Determining and using your child's learning preferences
  • Specific learning challenges!
  • Getting engagement and buy-in/ participation from your child
  • Curriculum
  • Designing your child's learning space
  • Planning your homeschool day, week, month, and years
  • How to teach specific subjects
  • How to work with specific disabilities, such as: ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Specific Learning Disabilities, and more!
  • How to set goals and track progress
  • What to do when something doesn’t seem to be workin
And so much more!!
Tell me more


"But what happens at the end of the 12 weeks?  What if I need more help?"

I’ve got you covered!

At the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll have two opportunities for continued support.

You can join my membership, which includes a private group forum and a monthly live coaching call, along with the ability to ask specific questions at any time and get individualized answers either in writing or as a video!

You can pay for ongoing consulting with a variety of package options, available only to those who have completed a 12 week program.
If you were to pay a tutor to tutor your child, you would be looking at $20 - $150/hour, depending on how qualified and specialized you want that person to be. That tutoring would likely go on for months, usually multiple times per week. 

This would quickly lead to spending thousands of dollars on your child’s education, and leaving a lot of it to someone who won’t be nearly as effective as you are, because they don’t know your child as well and aren’t with your child as often!

Tutors just aren’t in the position to be able to reinforce learning all day long (see the section on tutors below).

Fortunately, you can learn the skills you need to be a rockstar home education leader for a fraction of the cost of a tutor!
You can get this one-on-one, 12-week custom program for only $547 today!


You can get the personalized, 12-week group coaching for only $227 today!
For a very limited time, I am offering this 12-week program at a reduced rate because I've never offered this program within a 12-week structure before and I’m so excited to help as many families as I can!

I have a very limited number of spots, so don’t wait! When this fills up, there will be an opportunity to be on the waitlist to be notified as soon as there is another opening.
“Ugh!  It sounds so great, but I’m already stretched too thin!”


I hear something like this all the time.  And I get it!  Before committing to anything, I often start with, “I don’t have time for this!” 


But then I have to ask myself- is that true?  What are you spending all of your time on right now?


When I didn’t think I had time to go to yoga 4-5 times/week, I had to contemplate it.  I was losing sleep every night because of back pain.  Pain that I knew would be alleviated by a regular yoga practice.  So I would gain more time by gaining more sleep if I joined the yoga studio.  (My whole body is overjoyed by that decision!)


How much time are you spending trying to figure out some homeschool-related version of “How do I…?” 


How much time are you losing in research, and stress?  Increase the success in your child’s education, today!

“I am SO ready to sign up, I just don’t have the money.”


Similar to the time concern- I want you to push back a bit and question yourself.  Is it true?

When I wanted to join a yoga studio, I thought, “I don’t have the time and I don’t have the money.”

But my back pain was costing me sleep, so I was losing a lot of time by not going.  And I was struggling to function during the day (costing me money), along with paying for a chiropractor and massages (a lot more money!).

I decided that it was costing me too much time and money to NOT join the yoga studio!

Right now, quickly consider how much you have spent on curriculum, tutors, various learning programs, evaluations, and for specialists.  Consider anything that is even kind of related to why you would be seeking educational consultation.

How many ways have you already invested, or been tempted to invest in solving this problem?


“Will this work with my homeschooling style?”


Yes! I will support families using any homeschooling methodology/philosophy. My only requirement is that you care and are involved in your child’s education in some way, and if you’re reading this- you care! You’re involved! 

I support traditional homeschoolers with a structured day, unschoolers, and everything in between! 

What we work on isn’t about the philosophy you choose to use, it’s about individualizing your child’s education to meet their educational needs within your family’s values, lifestyle, and learning structure.


“I don’t actually homeschool my kid, though… I just wanted to get them some extra help…”


I love it!  I can definitely still help you!  I’m all about individualizing and we can work on an ideal plan for how to best support your child during your time together.

If your child is in a traditional school setting, we can work on adjusting your lifestyle slightly to best support your child’s education.  The more time your child spends having instruction reinforced, the more they will get that concept that we are trying to teach.

And if you feel that your time and resources are best spent investing in a highly qualified tutor, that’s awesome. But also, see below.


“I would rather just pay for a tutor.  This is all too much for me.”


I get it.  It’s so much easier to pay someone else to do something for us. 

When I needed my house painted, and my air conditioning replaced, I paid professionals.  There wasn’t much benefit to me trying to figure out how to do it myself, and a lot of costs and risks if I did.

When I need my oil changed, I let a professional handle that as well.  However, I actually learned how to change my oil when I was a teenager.  And I still CAN.  Knowing how to change my oil and some of the basics of how my car works has helped to make me a good car owner, even if I don’t do any of the maintenance myself.

I know to check the fluids and tires and brakes.  I know which questions to ask the dealership if they try to tell me I need some repair.  (Also, my Father-in-Law owns the best car repair shop so I’m not about to let anyone else tell me what my car needs.)

And in an emergency, I CAN take care of my car.

When you hire a tutor, you run the risk of having your child’s education be very piece-meal rather than the more impactful approach of being cohesive and self-reinforcing.  

If the tutor uses vastly different methods, curriculum, and content than you or a teacher or the book or wherever else your child is gaining information, your child will have a hard time generalizing those skills and will be slower to make progress.  They may also get frustrated much more easily.

The reason that homeschooling is the most ideal way to educate your child is that children are learning all day long, wherever they are, and you can keep reinforcing the same concepts over and over in tiny bite-sized ways to reinforce the information or skills.  

For example:
In the morning you do a 10 minute lesson on adverbs, and then a 20 minute math lesson on adding fractions with like denominators.  

After lunch, you are baking together and you have your child practice adding ⅓ cup sugar plus ⅓ cup butter plus ⅔ cup flour.  In the moment, your child can see what all of those pieces add up to and that learning gets reinforced.  You also have a conversation thinking up as many adverbs to describe the verb baking: “quickly”, “carefully”, “lazily”...  What kind of baking would be problematic? “Haphazardly”, “mindlessly”, “distractedly”...

While sorting socks later, you discuss that ⅛ of the pairs of socks are black and ⅜ of the pairs of socks are striped.  How much is that together?  (And I’d dig a lot deeper here, before moving on to…) What adverbs describe how we are sorting right now?  “Slowly”, “Thoughtfully”,  “meticulously”...

And on and on and on.  Reinforcing over and over day after day.

Do you get that with a tutor or with a teacher?  Yes, you might vaguely know what your child is working on and be able to reinforce it.  You might also confuse them because, “That’s not how Mrs. Smith does it!”

If your child is struggling with something like dyslexia, your ability to reinforce those same tiny skills all day long, will be way more powerful and way less overwhelming for your kiddo than a 1-2 hour intensive session every day.

If your child is struggling with anxiety or ADHD, you’ll be acutely aware of whether or not NOW is a good time to have a math lesson or to advise a correction on their writing.  You are tuned in to your kid.

I absolutely think that tutors can be wonderful, and I believe that all kids should be involved in some kind of regular structured environment to learn something fun with others.  However, it’s not always the best choice for helping kids with learning challenges to overcome those challenges.


“What if I decide this isn’t for me?”

Sign up for a free, no-obligation 15 minute call to get a clear idea on whether or not this is right for you.  If it seems like a poor fit, I’ll be the first to say so!

If after our first session together, or at any point after, you decide that this isn’t a great fit, let me know immediately.  I am here to see you be successful!
I never want to force anyone into working with me. Your refund will be prorated based on how many sessions we’ve had together.


Bring peace, confidence, and intentionality into your child’s education today!