Homeschooling Advantages and Mistakes
This week let’s dive right in to how to make the most of your homeschooling experience!

(If you aren’t officially homeschooling, maybe you’re still teaching at home some days and this will apply. Or maybe you’ll be able to use these techniques during the summer. Or maybe you’ll decide you want to homeschool after watching this video!)

So many new homeschoolers decide they want to teach their child at home and then go about trying to make home as much like school as possible.

Now, I’m all for a specific work space and a schedule, but homeschooling has advantages over school that are wasted if you don’t notice them and use them!

This week’s video goes deeply into some of these advantages:
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Short learning sessions
  • Cyclical review all day every day
  • Child’s interests!
  • Movement
  • Diet
  • Exercise
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