Mini-Course: Homeschooling Foundations

Does learning feel enjoyable right now?  Do you look forward to teaching math? writing?  You can!
Learning should be fun and enjoyable and should not be curriculum-centered!  You can do this!

“A superior curriculum for the irksome subject is not necessarily the solution, as tempting as it is is to research products all the livelong day.  A better investment of time is to consider how your kids learn rather than what to teach them.  Learning is made possible not by better programs, but by better experiences--what education reformer William Reinsmith calls ‘educational intimacy.’” -Julie Bogart, The Brave Learner


Your child needs the safety of home and the flexibility of homeschooling right now. 

You just need to figure out HOW to make it happen!


This online mini-course will take you through setting up a schedule, setting up a learning environment, key principles of teaching and learning that you NEED in order to be successful, and yes, curricula.


Do you want to jump straight to thinking about what you need to buy to make this successful, asking,
“What curriculum should I use?”?


Yeah, I get it. (I wish buying things solved my problems too.)  That’s why I didn’t leave it out.  


There are some foundational aspects to learning that are actually much more important so we start with those.


For a mere $9 investment (backed by a no-questions-asked 30-day guarantee), you can:

  • Come up with the most ideal schedule for homeschooling based on all the uniqueness your child has to offer

  • Create a learning haven…  based on all the uniqueness your child has to offer

  • Teach your individual child, implementing some key strategies that I want all teachers to remember and all parents to understand


  • Choose the best curriculum for your child  (with free options given!)

Details of The Mini-Course:
4 Modules:
1. Scheduling
2. Environment
3. Principles of Teaching and Learning
4. Curricula Considerations

By the end of these 4 modules, you will be able to create an ideal learning environment in your home, will use time more wisely in educating your child, and will know the best ways to effectively teach your child.  Each module will take 10-20 minutes to watch with a corresponding action to implement.  These quick, actionable modules are designed to get you powerful results!

Guarantee: If for any reason you aren't happy with the content of this mini-course, I will be happy to provide a refund.  I only require that you complete all of the modules and email requesting the refund within 30 days.

This course is designed to be highly cost-effective so that all interested parents can access this critical information, while covering some of my costs in hosting the course.  

Cost: $9!

For a limited time, I'm offering this Founding Member deal!

Yes, I'm crazy, but I love to help people and I just need to cover some costs.  

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