Podcast Episode 24:
Optimizing Your Child's Education Through Getting to Know Your Kid: Why It Matters

We all want what is best for our children.  We are all desperately seeking to know how to do the best things and what’s “right” for our kids.


There are never easy answers.  And yet, some of the wisest and easiest answers will come directly from our children.


This week, we dive into a new series on Optimizing our children’s education through getting to know our kids REALLY well!

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This is Decoding Learning Differences with Kimberlynn Lavelle. This is the beginning Of a new series, optimizing your child's learning through getting to know your kid. In this episode, we are just talking about why this matters and kind of introducing this concept Of what we're going To be talking about in the rest of it. So I, I just wanted to take a minute and really chat about what it means to optimize your child's education.

And honestly, it's not the best term because it, it gives us Hint that there might be some way to know when you have optimized and how great it can get. And it gives some idea that maybe, maybe there's a, there's an actual optimum optimized level, right. And really what this is all about is just doing whatever we can to make your child's learning the best that it can be,

knowing what we know and with trying some different things. It is 100% about individualizing your child's education, thinking carefully about all of the different pieces. So some of the pieces that we're going to be talking about is your child's strengths, your child's interests, the learning environment that you have set up for your child and how that might vary the way you think have things scheduled out both within a day and within a whole year and,

and some pieces in between. So we're thinking we're beginning to also talk about learning preferences, the way your child learns best. We have a special episode that has, that talks about diet with an interview, with a pediatrician who is an expert in optimizing diet, although she wouldn't necessarily use that term, because again, we don't know, I got pointed.

We really optimize how much better could it be. And none of this is about creating any amount of extra stress or extras to do. It's just about making things the best that we can, knowing what we know in, in a, in as wonderful, a way as possible. And ultimately it's about making things less stressful, less challenging, less difficult by recognizing what exactly our child is able to do,

what works for them, what gets rid of the tension and the difficulty with maybe the schoolwork that is happening now, or has happened in the past. How do we kind of take away that challenge, that difficulty, how do we make things as easy as possible to learn new things? So they're still challenged there. There's, it's not like too easy,

right? Where you then lose engagement, but just as pleasant as possible, maybe is a better term, just taking away any outside difficulties, bringing in all the things that make things enjoyable, fun, engaging, right? We had a whole series about make learning fun. Learning should be fun, how to make learning fun. We talked about all of that,

and this is kind of going a lot deeper into how to set up your educate your child's education, to be as fun and enjoyable and as optimized, as reasonable as possible. And knowing that all of this is going to change constantly because we're optimizing for who your child is in this moment and your child is a different person. And the next moment, so we're constantly looking at these things constantly adjusting,

but this series is going into what things you might want to be considering, keeping in mind watching for and adjusting constantly. So I hope that this is insanely valuable for you and that you love all of the content that we have to offer in this. I want to know, what are your thoughts? What are your expectations? What are you looking forward to in this coming series?

So it's not just about what I've talked about today, but at any time something comes up for you and that you're thinking about it. I'd love to hear from you email me. Kimberlynn@DecodingLearningDifferences.com. I look forward to hearing from you and we will talk soon.



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