Podcast Episode 38:
Autism Lived: Interview with Peter Crosbie

“Help them be as autistic as possible.”


About 6 months ago, I had an episode of the podcast talking about the sometimes overlooked strengths of those with autism.  I gathered some of my research for that episode from a website by Peter Crosbie called The Autism Advantage.


I then reached out to Peter and asked to interview him for the podcast.  We had a long conversation that could have gone on MUCH longer!  He shared his personal story, his insight, and his wisdom.


And one of his pieces of advice to parents of children with autism was to help them be more autistic.  Watch, or listen as he shares his insight into his (perhaps radical to some) recommendation to accept children, exactly as they are. 


After you watch or listen, I would love to hear how that resonated with you!


Warning- I did have to cut out a few minutes of the episode because of some sound issues, but we immediately wound up summarizing what he had just said right after that.

Audio version: www.DecodingLearningDifferences.com



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