Podcast Season 2, Episode 1:
Beginner's Mindset

Beginners Mindset is a term that I either first heard in yoga or from Hunter Clark Fields, Mama Mindful Mentor (host of an excellent podcast, author of a great book, and founder of an wonderful parenting membership!)


If you’re not familiar with the term, it is about seeing something as if you’ve never seen it before.  It’s about doing things as if you’ve never done them before.  Looking to see what wonder and knew things you can see and learn.  


Today, I’m encouraging you to apply a Beginner’s Mindset to looking at your child.


Ask yourself:

  • Who is this child of mine today?

  • How do they learn best today?

  • What environment is best suited to their learning today?

  • What is most interesting to them today?

  • What strengths are they demonstrating today?

  • What skills are they focusing on today?


Keep in mind that the answers to these questions will often be the same day to day, but they will also change and taking the time to consider them occasionally helps us to better know our children.


As a bonus, I also encourage you to see the world with a beginner’s mindset, looking for wonder everywhere around you.  And I encourage you to take a beginner’s mindset to learning.  Look for a new skill you can learn, and model a love of learning, as mentioned in a previous episode.


Email me and tell me, who is your child today? Kimberlynn@DecodingLearningDifferences.com



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