Podcast Season 2, Episode 29:  Is Unschooling an Option for Your Family? With Sue Patterson

“Unschooling” seemed like a HORRIBLE idea when I first heard of it.  I thought “those people” must be ruining their kids’ futures and denying them so much opportunity in life.


But, never satisfied with simple gut reactions, I wanted facts.  And even when I wasn’t trying to learn about unschooling, it kept popping up.  


The more I really have been reflecting over the years on the BEST educational model for kids, the more unschooling makes a TON of sense for so many kids and families! 


Sue Patterson of Unschooling Mom2Mom defines unschooling as bringing a full, rich life to your kids and trusting that they learn naturally.


Listen to Sue’s answers to these questions (and more):

  • What led you to choose unschooling?

  • What is your take on unschooling children with learning disabilities such as ADHD or dyslexia?

  • Is unschooling ‘right’ for everyone?  If not, describe who it is best for and who it is questionable for.


And then let me know if you’re currently unschooling or considering it, or if you just think it’s crazy!


Sue Patterson, a homeschooling mom with over 25 years of experience, is also an author, and an unschooling coach and podcaster. She helps families who aren't happy with their educational situations, and shows them how learning more about unschooling will help. She runs Unschooling Mom2Mom, available on all the social media platforms and offers courses, guides, group coaching programs, and private coaching.



Sue's book: Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young People Speak About their Lives without School.

(Digital and HardCopy at Amazon)


Podcast: Unschooling Mom2Mom http://www.UnschoolingMom2Mom.com/podcast


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