Podcast Season 2, Episode 44: Yes! Your Child Can with Dr. Vicki Waller

From Dr. Vicki Waller’s materials:


“Every child can succeed in school and life, but some children need more help than others. For over 40 years, internationally acclaimed reading specialist and student advocate Dr. Victoria E. Waller has helped children who have trouble reading, who can’t sit still in class, who don’t feel like they can participate—children whom teachers have all but given up on. In Yes! Your Child Can: Creating Success for Children with Learning Differences, Dr. Waller shares with parents, teachers, and therapists her proven techniques for motivating any child to love learning, overcome their particular challenges, and succeed in school. Her methods are designed and proven to draw out the singular genius within your child, whether they’re just a reluctant reader or have a diagnosis such as ADHD or other learning differences.”


In this interview, we discuss Vicki’s new book, giving you some solid ideas on what you can begin to do to support your child!


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Instagram: @DrVictoriaWaller

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Twitter: @DrVickiWaller

Website: http://www.drvictoriawaller.com


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