Podcast Season 2, Episode 45:  Misnamed, Misdiagnosed, Misunderstood with Linda Karanzalis

In this week’s podcast episode, we have a fascinating conversation with Linda Karanzalis.  Linda is an ADHD and NVLD expert.  And if you’ve never heard of NVLD, you are not alone!  NVLD stands for NonVerbal Learning Disorder, and can be mistaken for ADHD or autism, but is entirely different, and those with NVLD are definitely NOT nonverbal!


This episode is a fascinating first look at what NVLD is, and what to do if you suspect that you or your child has NVLD.


One of the easiest ways to begin to explore this subject, is to check out Linda’s book!  This book has just been released TODAY!  


Click here to find out more about Linda’s book! https://www.lindakaranzalis.com/ 


And her other work can be found here: https://addvantageslearningcenter.com/ 




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