Podcast Season 2, Episode 46: Act Now!  Early Intervention Makes a Huge Difference!

In a recent episode, Dr. Vicki Waller discussed the importance of not waiting to get your kid help.  There is a myth that if we wait, kids will just catch up and outgrow their difficulties.  


And while some kids DO need more time to mature or more access to direct instruction to then “catch up” to peers, when a parent feels certain that their child needs some extra help, that parent is usually accurate!


The thing is, the sooner kids get help, the better the outcomes.  And, let’s pretend a kid who gets help early is later determined to not have had a diagnosable disability.  That kid still benefited (if the intervention was appropriate)!


All kids benefit from 1:1 instruction.  And the sooner that help is provided, the better the trajectory for your child!


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