Math: Simple counting, Adding, Subtracting
The best learning happens through multiple modalities.

When Doubting Thomas had to touch Jesus to know that he was real, he may have been seen as an example for someone of little faith, but he also is an example of a tactile learner!

Most of us do best when we can physically interact with something we are trying to learn. I’ve heard so many adults say, “I can’t learn it unless I’m doing it.”

Kids are the same way, so save your breath and bring out the manipulatives!

In this week’s video we’ll get into some examples of how to teach counting, addition, and subtraction while reviewing the idea of always using concrete and pictorial before teaching abstract. (Objects and pictures before numbers and symbols)

Even if your child is older, please watch to see the value of these basic principles. They come in to play over and over again and will show up at the end of the month when we work with some bigger numbers.


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