Pay-as-you-go Coaching

Special Introductory Rate $125- Initial Call and Plan

Work with me privately to create a specific plan of action for your child's learning.

What's Included: 

  • one 45 minute zoom call
  • a written follow-up including recommendations for a plan of action
  • a follow-up 30 minute call

How will this help?

  • Using any curriculum you are already using or choose to use in the future (including a piecemeal or unschooling approach), you will gain some ideas to help your child to learn

  • You will have a set of actions that you can trial and see if they will help your individual child’s unique needs

  • Note: This does work best when followed up with subsequent calls so that we can adjust the ideas based on what is and isn’t working


Who is this for?

This coaching is for a parent who is willing to dedicate time and energy in learning how to best serve the unique educational needs of their child with an identified or suspected disability.


Who is this NOT for?

  • Parents who only want their child educated in a school setting

  • Parents who are looking for a single program to meet all of their child's needs 

  • Parents who do not have the time, interest, capacity to learn how they can specialize their child's education at home

  • Parents wanting a fast guarantee (it doesn’t exist, we’re building neural networks and that takes time!)

$65- Follow-up Calls

Online Courses and Memberships

Homeschooling Foundations now available!

This mini-course is a quick and cost-effective way to stop the search for "how do I get started?" and start getting into action!

Academy Coming Soon!

An online course designed to teach you all the pieces you know, customized to help you easily find the most relevant information for you, with monthly coaching calls to support you in your progress.


I thought your services were great and I am thankful for the resources you provide. The double reading of a passages was a great idea and I will continue to do it as long as I am educating my kiddos.
— Krystal
This course is AWESOME! Frankly these tips are new things I hadn’t heard before and wish I knew in school (!). I will absolutely be using each of these with my son and daughter, and will be implementing these ASAP. I think that any student could benefit from these ideas. 

I like that they are varied so you hit all various learning styles and modalities. 

And, as a parent these feel very supportive for me too. Collaborative and encouraging rather than something that will start more battles and struggles.

- Rebecca M.

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